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What is Flow and How to Achieve It?

Flow is a state of mind and being. It is freedom from the confinement of worry and fear, provides unlimited opportunities, and if truth be told can create magic. Simply it is the most optimal state that one can be in. Picture this, you are standing at the edge of a peaceful gurgling brook. The water moves effortlessly, flowing downstream. If a stick, rock, or obstacle falls into the brook, the water goes around, over or after some time through the obstacle. It does not bang its head against a wall trying to figure out how to remove the obstacle it just flows past it. The water has no control over what falls into the brook. It can only manage what it has control over. Like life there are many things that are out of our control. We can either let it bother us, have it become a thorn in our side and cause us dis-ease or see it for what it is and move past it. Easier said than done – right? Personally, flow is a state that I am seeking to achieve more of in 2023. Achieving this goal takes focus or practice. It is not something that just happens, or can it and once you get it how do you maintain it?

Naturally, you would think that there is a long list of things that you need to do to be in flow. However, there is only one – being present. So, lets unpack this some more. What does it mean to be present. The Oxford dictionary defines present as “existing or occurring now.” Being in the now, experiencing everything around you in the now, not a minute before or ten minutes after. It means right now in this exact moment. Why is that so important? It removes worry because you are not thinking about what could happen, and it doesn’t allow you to lament on the past. The only other way I can describe being in the present is when you have that first magical kiss with the person you have been desiring. Time stands still, the world continues to move around you, but you don’t notice. You feel nothing but the kiss. Then when it ends, it seems like the world starts moving again. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Everyone has achieved flow in their life, but they may have chalked it up to being in the groove, totally focused, or in the zone. Being in flow is a time when there is clarity, enjoyment, knowing your next move, and peace. It can happen “accidentally” (not really, but that is a whole different blog post) but to experience flow on a more regular basis, there are some things that you can do.

1. Close your eyes and take deep full breaths.

· Listening to your breath or hearing your heartbeat keeps you in the moment.

2. Meditate often.

· Being mindful and going inward allows you to be present.

3. Do something that you are passionate about, or something that gives you immense joy.

· Obstacles seem to disappear when you experience passion and joy removing the need to think and allowing you to feel the moment.

4. Remove judgement and view everything just as it is.

· Judgement is an activity of the brain. Thinking removes you from the moment whereas feeling puts you in the moment.

5. Say this mantra and truly mean it “I am in flow.”

· When you truly believe it, your subconscious hears it and acts accordingly.

6. Stare into the eyes of someone (animals included) that you love unconditionally.

· Feeling love brings you to your heart space, and in there you are in the now.

So, how can being in flow create unlimited opportunities and magic? When you are in flow your energy is positive. The universe acknowledges that energy and in return gives you more things/people that match your positive energy. Ultimately creating more opportunities and what I like to call magic.

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