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What is a smile?

Today I had to speak with my phone carrier to solve a problem. This was the second call within a three-day period, so I had a bit of an attitude. The representative was nice as I explained the situation. I was put on hold a number of times as he worked to fix the issue. The whole time I was reminding myself he is doing his job, be nice, and silence the ego. Unfortunately for him, he had to do what another representative said had been done but wasn't and apologized for my inconvenience. I don't know if the problem was completely resolved, time will tell but for what started out as an annoyance turned into a joyful experience. At the end of the call the representative asked if I could do him a favor. I said sure as I thought he was asking me to complete a survey. To my surprise he asked if I could smile throughout my day. This caught me

off guard but immediately made me smile and warmed my heart. I replied that I would try and wished him a good day.

When I retold this story, I got a bit emotional. That's weird, but as I think about it, I believe I know why. To me a smile is the love that you have in your heart spilling out for others to see and feel. It can be shared through your voice, your eyes, through a hug or shown across your face. A smile gives as much joy to the giver as the receiver and can be felt by anyone around who sees. It is such a simple act of love, that is free to all and can be given by anyone. A smile can instantly change energy from negative to positive or from sad to happy. It is universal and requires no translation. A smile is love in the purest form.

So, I would like to ask you a favor, give a smile today and see the amazing things that happen.

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