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The Balance Within

The mirror shows a different side of me. One that has taken years to appear but still has many more to go. Looking closer I see each one emerging. Some are new, fresh, bright, and tender. Others are long, dull, and wiry, not knowing whether to curl or be straight. Still others are in transition. Half dark and half white. You can describe it as salt and pepper, silver or grey. No matter what it is called each new one adds to the notion that I am no longer a spring chicken.

This process had begun many years ago. I used to hide the inevitable, but the procedure became more than I wanted to manage. When I concluded I would rather be myself just as I am, the fear of the inevitable disappeared. It was coming no matter what I did, so I embraced it versus fighting it. Prior to the pandemic, it was always neat and cropped. Post pandemic, I have allowed it to creep to lengths it hasn’t been in a very long time. Conformity had its time and place but now freedom and experimentation are where I want it to be. Many mornings, I have an internal fight. Let it be or get with the times. Scrolling through my news feed, I see articles on what people "my age" should do. Yes, that is nice for them and sure I could pull it off, but there is something inside of me that says let it go and see where it takes you. So, here I go following my heart. When I look in the mirror I see grey, a representation of balance, halfway between white and black. My hair in all its glory reflects where I have finally allowed myself to be - in balance.

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