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What does it mean to be a healer?

I wrote Healing Words - To Inspire, Remember, and Know to do just as the title suggest. To inspire people to remember what they know. For those who have read or listened to the book, you know it is not a long literary piece. To me it didn’t need to be. The words are poignant and are written to make the reader self-reflect. It is a book to read and read again as it provides different wisdom based upon on the mindset of the reader.

A few nights ago, in my dreams I was told that I was a healer. That my book was helping people to heal. It was an amazing feeling to know that I am helping others. But what exactly does it mean to be a healer? In the medical sense, Merriam-Webster’s definition is easy to understand - "to make free from injury or disease: to make sound or whole." That definition differs somewhat to what it means to spiritually heal. Per spiritual healing is "the renewal and restoration of the human spirit."

I believe everyone wants to be and is a healer. Most people will associate doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, and energy workers as healers, but you also have everyone else. People that just want to help friends, family, and strangers through loss, disease, heart ache or just a bad day.

Healers have a role, but isn’t it up to the individual who desires to heal to actually do the healing? I feel as healers we can only hold space for the person we are trying to help. That can mean through prayer, energy, words, flowers, food, love or anything else that may give that person peace or a smile. It may mean being a shoulder or a sympathetic ear. It could be a hug or a

good cup of coffee. In the end what I and many others are doing are giving our energy and space to the people we want to help to allow them to be and to give them the time to remember who they are so they can be whole again. It is up to the person who wants to be healed to take that space and turn it into a reason to make them free from injury, whole, and to renew their spirit.

Our mind and bodies are complicated and sophisticated forms that are greatly underutilized. We only access a small percentage of our full capabilities. There have been many examples of completely healthy people who pass on because they don’t want to live. There are other examples of sick people being told they only have months to live but ultimately live long and

healthy lives. It is the individual who is healing themselves. Granted they may receive medical help, spiritual help or just the love of a friend or family member. In the end it is the individual

person who makes the choice to heal themselves.

What I believe I was being told in my dream is that the book gives people the space and inspiration to do what they need to do to become whole again, physically, mentally, or spiritually. I am thankful that I was given the gift of writing this book and proud to be among the many of you who are also healers.

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