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Nature's Spiritual Reminders

Nature is always delivering messages, but most of us are too preoccupied to notice. Recently grasshoppers, hummingbirds, and a snake have made themselves known to me. Generally, I would simply acknowledge their presence and not give it much more thought. However, at this time in my life each one of these visitors came to me to give me a message.

Over the summer, I came to the decision that I need to take my love of writing and narration to a new level and go “all in.” Some may say since I have already written and published four books and narrated many audio books, that I am already “all in.” However, I was still treating my work like a hobby and was hoping to one day turn what I loved into a business. Hope is important but it does not build a business. So, I have decided to take more focused action to create a business that highlights my passions – writing, narration, inspiring others, helping people to transform, and remind people of their own internal light and power. Creating this business is a wonderful scary adventure, that is making me change and take more leaps of faith. Ultimately, challenging me and requiring me to step into the unknown. As you can imagine, change is not always easy and there is a lot of pressure, second guessing, and fear associated with it. The Universe in its wisdom, sent these creatures to help guide me and to reinforce that I can create what I truly desire.

The grasshopper has many spiritual meanings like abundance, courage, forward moving, achievement, but what resonated strongly with me was its reminder to take leaps of faith. I have taken many leaps of faith already, but change requires even more. I believe my newest leap is seeking out others to partner with to help make my dreams a reality. Being an introvert with an A type personality I have done many things on my own, never wanting to ask for help because I was concerned that either I was asking too much of others or I didn’t trust that they could do it how I wanted it done. Just saying that I have accomplished much on my own is a paradox since no one can truly do anything without the help of others. There is always someone in the wings who is helping, if you know it or not. So, I guess my real leap is not only seeking out others but being okay with asking and openly receiving help.

The magical hummingbird reminds me to remove judgement of myself and others and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. When I get focused on something, I think more than I feel and when I think too much, I become critical and impatient. Watching the hummingbird brings joy because of its beauty and the sheer magnificence of its being. Flitting around from flower to flower, seemingly standing still while flapping it wings at speeds that our eyes and minds cannot comprehend. The hummingbird is pure magic, and it is reminding me that magic is all around, but I need to allow myself to see it.

Finally, the snake. Its presence was a huge surprise and gave me pause. Snakes get a bad rap and I have always thought that they served as a warning. However, I did not have a negative feeling while it was in my presence or watching it slither away. Researching this further, I came to understand that the snake reminds us of transmutation or change, reminding me that I must shed how I did things before to transform and create a new and different outcome. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I will admit, based upon that definition, I have had many moments of insanity. The need for comfort and safety played a huge role in my insanity but to make the change I truly desire I need to be uncomfortable and vulnerable. Honestly, this is a big ask of myself and one I am slowly coming to terms with. But if I want to help others, I need to take my own advice, face my fears, make the changes, take the leap, and not forget to enjoy life.

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