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Loss, light and bees

How do I help a friend deal with the loss of her parent? I was sharing with one of my guides how I felt troubled by not being able to help a friend who was grieving the loss of her father. The message that I passed on to my friend was that her father is not gone and that his soul lives on. His physical body may not be here, but his soul will always be with her. She heard my words, but unfortunately, they did not provide her much comfort. She grieves terribly and thus is unable to see the beauty of this process called life.

As I think about the process of life and death, my emotions become raw. I know that if I lost my mother I too would be devastated. I would not be able to see the splendor of the life process and I would long for her physical presence. Even though I know she is not gone, I would still

miss her dearly. How can I provide my friend comfort when I know that I would feel the same pain? How can I know something to be true yet still feel pain as if I did not have the knowledge? Am I a fraud? Do my words ring hollow?

After meditating on this I was told that these are the miraculous experiences we all came to earth to experience. It is not wrong to grieve loss of the physical being. It reminds us to always appreciate the moments that we do have with the people in our life. My guide reminded me that I have planted a seed with my friend that will provide her comfort when she is ready. As I thought about this, I clearly visualized myself and other lightworkers as bees. We are happily buzzing around and pollinating those we love and know with the ability to remember that which they already know. To awaken them to the beauty we call life and to allow them to grow and experience their life to its fullest. As those that have awaken can attest to, living your true self and your life to the fullest takes focus, the ability to surrender, and the openness to allow. There are challenges, there is ego, and there is also unlimited love and beauty. When I truly listen, I am reminded that I am not a fraud and my words have purpose as they come directly from Source. I am human experiencing life. I am also a happy little bee doing what I was chosen to do, spreading the gift of remembering and bringing light and love to the world.

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