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I give myself permission to soar.

For those that have worked on something for a long time to bring it to fruition like planning a wedding, creating an artistic piece, building a house or a business - once it is done there is a moment when you say, now what? Well, I have been having that moment again and again since my book Healing Words - To Inspire, Remember, and Know has been published. Since this is a self-published book or indie book, I do not have a big publishing company to promote the book. It is all up to me. I am learning as I go and have had some success. But there are days when there are no visits to the website, no new print or audio book purchases and I think ... is this it? Did I fail? My rational side (heart) says “are you kidding, you wrote a book and self-published it and complete strangers are buying it.” Then the irrational side of me (ego) says “who do you think you are? You are not a writer. Anyone can self-publish a book. Look at how many books are out there in the world.” I try my hardest to quiet the irrational voice (ego), but I would not be truthful if I didn’t say that I hear it more often than I would like to.

I was having one - okay two or three of those days this past week. To release this feeling, I meditated and asked for clarity on what to do. This morning I received my answer. What I was told was – give yourself permission to soar. Really, that is it? All I have to do is give myself permission. But isn’t my desire to soar or succeed the same thing? I was reminded it is not the same thing. I need to allow the success that I desire to come to me. I have to be open and allowing and know that it may not come in the exact way that I envision. It will come to me in the way that it should, in the best way possible for me.

I gave myself that permission this morning and new ideas started to flow. That irrational voice (ego) was silenced, and I have a renewed energy. Writing the book was just one step in my journey. There are many more steps that I will take, and they may not lead me in a straight line. But what I do know is that I will soar because I allow it to be.

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