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Four legged love

I write this post as I sit here watching my sweet, opinionated, teen age puppy dog sleep. Most people I know (including me) would rather be with their animal companion than with other humans. You see this sentiment shared all over social media, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. But why is this so? What makes animals better company than another human?

My puppy dog has chewed, destroyed, peed, pooped, and made life uncomfortable at times. When I have complained it is easy for those that do not have an animal to say, "see that is why I don't get an animal." However, what they are missing is that animals provide love in the purest form, unconditional and never ending.

My puppy had a tough start to life, and it took her about two years to be completely comfortable with us and the love we have for her. She can't say a word, but you know exactly what she is thinking. She gives attitude one second and then kisses and love the next. She hugs me when I make her a new blanket, knows when I am not feeling well and exactly when I need to laugh. She has no shame torpedoing into the snow and making puppy angels and lives completely in the moment. This beautiful puppy corrals the family when we are disorganized and tells me when I need to go to bed. She rolls her eyes when I sing to her and dance around the kitchen. She throws her toys down the stairs when she is mad and huffs when she disagrees. She truly is my alter ego and is everything I strive to be but am too scared to be. To have the strength to live in the moment, give love unconditionally, stand my ground and let people know when I am not happy. To play and find fun in all I do. To never let an opportunity to give a kiss go by. I love my puppy and strive to be like her every day.

The reason why people prefer their animals to humans is we see our potential in them and hope that the more time we spend with them, the more we can be like them.

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