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Leap of Faith

How do you get the life that you want? A few years ago I thought about that question often. However, it was not in the proactive sense. It was more of how do I stop doing what I don't like. Through mindfulness, soul searching, and the help of my guides I remembered that I can create the life that I want. To do so, I was reminded that I needed to make room. To release the things that no longer serve my higher purpose to make room for the things that do. That was incredibly scary and still is, as the process continues. There is great comfort in the knowing, even if you don't like or want it anymore. The challenge is to take the leap of faith. Trust you, your higher self, and Source that all will work out perfectly.

My leap of faith was leaving a well paying job. A job that came with money, prestige, and all the things the ego thrives on. I did not quit immediately. I took my time and got my affairs in order and took an early retirement. Unbeknownst to me, the timing was perfect as the pandemic just started and everyone was in quarantine. This provided me the opportunity to get use to not going to work and to think about my next step. I kept my status quiet, because I didn't want to have to answer why I left a "great" job and what I will do next. To be perfectly honest, I did not know what I would do next. I just knew that when the time was right I would be provided with the answer.

My path has taken me in a very creative direction allowing me to use the other side of my brain. What resulted is my first book, Healing Words - To Inspire, Remember, and Know. I am very proud of this work and am elated that complete strangers are buying the book. Is this the end of the story? Have I created my desired life? Not yet, but I am closer than I was before. The leaps of faith continue. If I truly want to create this new life doing what I want, I need to allow and know that each day is a new day to create the life I desire. It may not come in the form or way that I think it will. It will come to me in the way it needs to, with ease and grace. Stay tuned, the story continues....

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