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You’ve spent most of your life doing what you were expected to do, but maybe you’ve lost yourself along the way. I help people transcend limiting beliefs and reconnect with universal wisdom and energy to live a life of passion and purpose.



Inspirational writer Victoria Wright has embarked on a journey to find her true self. In the process, she is remembering how to be whole, to look inward for guidance, and to know her truth.  Her journey is full of beauty and discovery. Victoria's desire is to help others remember what they know to be true but have chosen to forget and she invites you to embark on your own journey of remembering.  

A member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah, Victoria grew up on Martha's Vineyard Island in Massachusetts. Currently she and her family reside just outside of Denver, CO. 



Books available for purchase directly through this website or via major print, e-book, and audio book retailers.

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How can one innocent question shatter everything?

Evie Prince, self-made woman, and problem solver finds herself in a place that she never thought she would be - single, in her forties, living through a pandemic, and completely unsure of what to do next. 

Her life in Denver takes a turn for the worse when she finds herself unemployed. A decision to move back east opens old wounds and exposes details that can either make or break her. 

Follow Evie's journey of self-discovery and meet the people in her life who helped her remember that everything she needs is contained within. 


Why did Evie’s family keep so many secrets? What did they have to hide, and how would the truth affect her? Will she ever learn all of their secrets, or will she uncover more? 

Evie Prince, an artist guided by the light in her heart, continues her journey of self-discovery and finding true self. Fear, honesty, pain, understanding, light, and love feed her passion and help her remember her true power.

Trusting herself and taking chances provides her more than she could ever dream of. Can she stay true to herself, or will the truth cause her to fall back on her old ways?

Follow Evie’s inspirational journey in the next installment of the Evie Prince series.

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Yes, or no? Can Evie return to Denver? What about her new life on Martha’s Vineyard and her indigenous family? All of the secrets have been revealed. Now what will she do?

Evie Prince, artist extraordinaire, learns that life never flows in a straight line, no matter how hard she tries to control it. To grow and reach her true potential, she has to continue to trust herself and take more leaps of faith. Nothing ever just happens; everything is created.

Evie learns the physical is fleeting, but the spiritual is always with her. As she continues to find her truth, she learns to love herself and that she ultimately is the creator of her true life.

Evie’s story continues in the final installment of the Evie Prince series.


This inspirational book is designed to help you remember that which you know to be true but have chosen to forget. It asks you to challenge your beliefs; to open your soul, heart and mind, and most importantly to feel. To remember is a wonderful and joyous process that can take lifetimes to complete. These writings will give you the opportunity to remember more, experience more, and love more so that each of your soul revolutions will be more miraculous than the last.

Available in print, e-book, and audio book set to the healing sounds of 432 Hz music.




The book was lovely. A joy to read and stunning artwork.

Beckie Scotten Finn

Balancing Rocks


Do you hear that? A negative nagging voice in your head playing over and over again like a favorite song. How do you change that voice and rewrite the narrative running in your head? Change comes from desire, focus, action, and belief. My intent is to help you change the negative narrative by providing focus so you can release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and create new beliefs that support your higher purpose. Healing Words Customized Guided Meditations are written for you and only you to help open your heart and allow you to tap into your own healing power. *



Intuition and Universal guidance help me create meditations that focus on rewriting the narrative in your head, provide deep relaxation, and tap into your subconscious to help you release limiting beliefs around abundance, self-love, and so much more.


Upon purchase of a customized guided meditation, you will be prompted to book a 20-minute consultation so we can discuss the purpose of the meditation and your listening preferences. Within 3-5 days post consultation, you will receive your customized guided meditation.


  • 20 minute consultation

  • 10-15 minute customized guided meditation set to soothing ambient music via MP3 to your e-mail.​

*Customized guided meditations are final sale. No refunds will be given. Meditations are not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

"Dragonfly, dragonfly your magic is great.

Break me free of the illusions I create.

Help me realize my limiting beliefs.

Guide my transformation into the person I seek."  VW




This meditation was so moving. Since I received it, I have gone on to explore and practice mindfulness whereas I used to think it was something that wouldn't work for me. Victoria's voice is soothing, positive, and warm. Thank you for tailoring a meditation for me!

Christine C.

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