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My Next New Friend

I carefully open the packaging, slipping it out of its wrapper. Inhaling the newness, inspecting the cover, I slowly open the journal. The pages so empty ready to hold my secrets, ideas, fears, and experiences. Slipping the ribbon from in between the pages, I let it slide through my fingers. Twirling it as I contemplate my first words. Everything is so perfect, clean, crisp, untouched. My pen fits perfectly in my fingers waiting to make its mark. I close my eyes and let the words form in my head. Gently I put pen to paper. At first writing neatly and slowly, then the words flow from my head through to my pen like water. Swiftly I write. My cursive slanted ever so, spills the reminders that I am meant to hear. Guidance, dreams, inspiration. A place to put my fears so they can see the light of day. I release them from within my head, removing them from my ego, and exposing them to the air. As the ink dries on the paper, I feel the fears dry up and the intensity they once had slowly disintegrate. My friend, confidant, made of paper. Once a living being that provided shade and oxygen returns. Each entry transforms the smooth empty pages back into the living just for me. Holding my passions, desires, truths, and aspirations. Empty and young, it is as if my words age each page. Giving them wisdom, life experiences, and texture. What were once clearly written words become scribbles as my mind races. Ideas flow, ego argues, heart wins. Day after day, my words fill the pages. I am creating memories, blueprints for the future, making promises I hope to keep. As the pages fill, I realize time is growing short with my old friend. I try to fit more words per page not wanting this friendship to end. Pages are filled, cover is worn, the ribbon is frayed. Moments in time captured within its pages. Then comes the day that I fill the final page. It is a sad day and as write my last word and close the journal a feeling of accomplishment envelopes me. I lovingly place the journal into my writing desk with the others and with anticipation look forward to meeting my next new friend.

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