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Guided meditation is powerful and easy way to take control of your inner narrative.


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Balancing Rocks


Do you hear that? A negative nagging voice in your head playing over and over again like a favorite song. How do you change that voice and rewrite the narrative running in your head? Change comes from desire, focus, action, and belief. My intent is to help you change the negative narrative by providing focus so you can release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and create new beliefs that support your higher purpose. Healing Words Customized Guided Meditations are written for you and only you to help open your heart and allow you to tap into your own healing power!


Intuition and Universal guidance help me create meditations that focus on rewriting the narrative in your head, provide deep relaxation, and tap into your subconscious to help you release limiting beliefs around abundance, self-love, and so much more.


Simply sign up for my inspirational newsletter, and you're in! A random subscriber will be chosen, and notified via email if you've won. Then you will be prompted to book a 20-minute consultation so we can discuss the purpose of the meditation and your listening preferences. Within 7-10 days post consultation, you will receive your customized guided meditation!


  • 20 minute consultation call

  • 10-15 minute customized guided meditation set to soothing ambient music via MP3 to your e-mail.​


*Customized guided meditations are not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

Sign up for my weekly inspirational newsletter.

For your chance to win a free custom guided meditation.

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